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Seeking Secret Arrangement


Allow me to put a little extra pep in your step. With me as your pleasure connoisseur, we’ll spend quality time getting to know each other by sharing laughs while we quench our thirst for a deeper friendship. Once home, the afterglow will continue as I put a grin on your face with a flirty text and maybe of photo of my beautiful smile. You know, it’s that feeling you get after receiving a little message asking how your day is going; or sharing a private moment via FaceTime right before you head into a meeting.

Anticipation can be such a thrilling word

Wouldn’t you agree? When you know a friend is there who really cares. This is personal freedom at its best, knowing that we have the trust to share our wildest dreams  and private thoughts is intoxication.

As a gentleman’s confidante, I make you smile and you make me smile. We smile together…easy peasy!

I’d love for you to contact me and share your thoughts and a bit about what makes you tick –  a little food for the journey so to speak. In return, I shall bring the dessert.  I do hope you have a sweet tooth! I know I sure do!

Please know regardless of where you are located, a connection is achievable with me as your virtual entertainment specialist. I am also a seasoned travel companion for those out of foreign or domestic business trips. 

I am a brunette girlfriend who adores grand gestures and am quite giving of myself in return as I realize the door swings both ways

With a mutual connection and comfort level all reasonable arrangements will be considered. Our secret arrangement fits like a fine tailored suit. Or your most comfortable pair of cowboy boots. Suddenly, the world is a better place!

Whether our eyes and smiles have connected in person or in this big world they never will I feel the need and desire for intimacy is paramount and achievable. EMAIL ME

I can keep a secret. Can you?

Marty says…

“Spending time with Charlene is more like an event than a engagement.  From the moment she walks into the room, she exudes total class .  She makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. It is an organic, customized, and natural experience that you will NEVER forget! Charlene is a true entertainment connoisseur who cares about your happiness. 

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